What We Do

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CTO as a Service

Add our brains and experience to your toughest challenges. When google and stack overflow leave you with too many options but not enough information to make a judgment, lean on us to help you work through your problem. Access to us 24 hours a day via your choice of teams, slack, or a private discord server just for you. Get answers within 1 business day.

$10,000 / mo more info
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Deployment Pipelines Done For You

One dotnet, nodejs, react, or angularjs application

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Deployment Pipelines Training

Two week intensive course on how to build a software deployment pipelines using your own project!

$6,000 / student
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Kubernetes Done For You

Everyone knows setting up Kubernetes is hard. Getting it right the first time? Impossible. We'll get k8s up and running for dev, qa, and production in your choice of Azure, AWS, or GCP. Combined with assigned coursework and two sessions of Knowledge Transfer + Q & A, your team will be ready to go with k8s.

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Kubernetes Enablement

Sometimes, learning from the book is not good enough. Kubernetes Enablement will combine standard learning with your real world project! Your team will learn by doing and we'll be there every step of the way. This 2 month intensive training for 5 of your team members will bring them up to speed while building a real-world kubernetes environment tuned for security, performance, and observability.

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Kubernetes Tune Ups

We will check your kubernetes environments for security, performance, and observability issues and provide you with an actionable report to keep your cluster running healthy.

$9,000 / mo
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Build Ready to Hire Software Engineering Teams

From forming, storming, norming to performing, our Tuckman team building method will take your group of up to 7 strangers and gel them into a high functioning team. This 3 month intensive training will utilize XP techniques to instill confidence and agility to tackle any problem in your organization. Sessions to be conducted on your choice of Teams, Slack, or on a Custom Discord Server which will be yours to keep, with all the notes and history, at the end of the training.

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Situation Appraisal

3-5 weeks. 360 interviews. Problem Statement alignment. Gemba Walk to see where the work is done. Team Assessment. Technical Assessment. Product Assessment. Positioning Assessment. Mission Alignment Assessment. Product Roadmap. Recommendations.

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Excel - Supercharged

Instead of building an app, keep using Excel! We will build and deploy an Excel add-in for one sheet that calls an existing api to process the data and return a result.